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Why Is My Bearded Dragon Waving? Here Is The Real Reason

Bearded Dragon WavingWhy is my bearded dragon waving? Well that is a question I actually get a lot and I also see it often on the internet. Bearded dragons are really cool lizards and they get more and more popular. They are not only loved by reptile owners, now even people who are not really interested in reptiles think they are cute and maybe even think about getting one.

However that could be a reason for the wrong information about the bearded dragon wave you can find all over the internet. You can find hundreds of videos where you can see bearded dragons wave their arms. Further you can find website which say that bearded dragons that wave, want to say Hello to their owner.

To be honest, in my opinion this is a very cool idea. I mean wouldn´t it be great if your reptile would really grett you when you come into the room? I think all bearded dragon lovers agree here that this would be awesome. I am sure that a lot of dragon owners even say “Hello!” to their beardie just for fun when they see it wave.

Unfortunately this is just wrong information which you most probably got from the internet. This is not the real reason why your bearded dragon is waving … Sorry :(

So before I start talking about the real reason why your bearded dragon waves, I want to make clear that not all owners see their dragons wave. That can have several reasons. The biggest reason might be the tank. If you do not have the right terrarium, right size, right lighting and so on and so forth, your bearded dragon might not show his full behavioral repertoire.

So make sure that you get a good tank for your bearded dragon. If you have problems with that, have a look the article below. It shows you how you can easily create a bearded dragon habitat on your budget.

Tanks on your budget!

The bearded dragon wave explained

So now you know that it does not mean that your beardie is greeting you when you come into the room. In fact it means something totally different. It means that your beardie shows submission. The dragon accepts you or another beardie as the bigger dragon and he wants everybody to know that.

However there are also beardie who wave without a reason. That might happen because the beardie sees his reflection in glass of his terrarium. Further scientists say that they are not completely sure if it also could have other reasons.

Only females wave? Nope!

I recently had a good chat on twitter. One of my followers asked me if her bearded dragon is a female and sent me a video of her beardie waving.

So a lot of people think that only female bearded dragons are waving and the male bearded dragons bob their head as a sign of dominance. That is not true. No matter if your bearded dragon is a male or a female, both will wave and both will bob their head if they are in the right situations for that.

So now that I made that clear, here is a video of a beardie waving his arms off. I know you want to see it lol!

So I hope this answers your question: Why is my bearded dragon waving?
Always make sure, that you get a good tank for your bearded dragon and that you feed it right!

Tell me a story about your bearded dragon waving? When does it wave?
Do you also say”Hello!” when you come into the room and your beardie is waving? Tell me in the comment section below, I will get back to you :)

I must admit that I always say hello when my beardie is waving at me lol.

If you have any questions, simply leave your message in the comment section below and I will be more than happy to help you out!

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